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I’m Aleksandra Lemke, a professional photographer specializing in portrait and fashion. Born in Poland in 1989, currently based in the city of Helsinki, Finland. My work is characterized by its authentic and raw aesthetic, which has become my signature style.


I started working professionally during my photography studies back in 2009. Since then, I have been collaborating with designers, brands and also working on personal projects. That includes also topics such as nudity, diversity, empowerment of sexual and ethnic minorities.

My photographs are a blend of tradition and contemporary.

While beauty is a recurring motif, I seek to capture something more deeper and profound in my models, not just the outer looks. I always try to incorporate an individual way of perceiving a person and find a harmony between who they really are and how I interpret them.


A lot of my inspiration comes from the Hellenistic art where the subject is no longer idealized and where emotion is the key feature. This is evident in my photographs, which are always infused with a sense of purpose and meaning.

The images are not just about capturing a moment, but about creating a feeling and exploring the abilities of the body in motion. My subjects are often being captured in sculptural like poses. They are about inviting the viewer into a world placed outside of time that is both familiar and mysterious.

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