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At the heart of the education program is a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space for all. I believe that everyone, regardless of experience level, should have access to high-quality guidance. That is why my offer is addressed to beginners and advanced professionals. It is important for you to discover and develop your skills at your own pace. Everyone is welcome. My aim is to create a positive and empowering experience where we can freely explore your ideas. All the information and advice I give is the result of my education, work and 14 years of experience. 


I can advise you on:


  • portrait photography

  • fashion photography

  • nudity photography

  • portfolio review

  • working with ambient light

  • the psychology behind working with the subject

  • social activism in photography

  • production of own photo sessions: creative process, idea, preparation

  • career development

  • other aspects of photographic work



If you need support, guidance or the perspective of an independent expert, consultations are an excellent option. They are designed to be more flexible and can help answer specific questions or clear up any doubts you may have. Making sure you are on the right track is crucial, and consultation can provide the reassurance you need to move forward confidently. I’m committed to providing a welcoming and judgment-free zone, where you can feel comfortable.


The consultation lasts two hours and we meet physically or online to discuss the issues you are interested in. Date and time to be agreed.


The price for a consultation is 199€.

Personal teaching


While a consultation can provide valuable guidance, an individual photography lesson offers a personalized and immersive mentoring experience. I will be dedicated solely to meeting your photographic needs, offering a one-on-one approach that focuses on your unique goals and areas for improvement. With my extensive knowledge and support, we will work closely together to develop your skills as a photographer and delve in detail into topics that interest you.


As a part of the lesson, we will organize a photo session where you will be able to see my techniques in action. You will also have the opportunity to work with the model individually, while I observe your approach and provide you with valuable feedback and tips. Additionally, I will review your portfolio and website to help you create a more consistent look. 


My ultimate goal is to help you enhance your skills and grow as a photographer in a professional, detailed and constructive manner.


The individual workshop lasts about 6-8 hours and we meet physically in my studio in Helsinki. Few weeks after the workshop, we will meet either physically or online for 1 hour to discuss your progress. Date and time to be agreed. Drinks and snacks included.


The price for a personal lesson is 799€, which can be divided into installments, with the last one to be finalized the day before the lesson at the latest.


Please contact for more information.


The prices are VAT inclusive.

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